What We Do

About Us

Envisionaire is a commercial storyboard and illustration studio based in Chicago. We specialize in creating stand-out storyboards, animatics and comps for marketing and advertising. Working mainly from scripts, our artists collaborate with creatives via phone calls, e-mails, SKYPE—whatever it takes to create what’s needed—on time and within budget. Whether you want our visual input on your latest spot or have all it all thumb-nailed out, we’ll create what you want, so you can walk into your next presentation—head held high.

Illustration Styles

Our storyboard artists work in a wide range of styles most of which can be handled looser or tighter depending on time frame, budget and needs. If you want a particular style that you can’t find in our samples, let us know and we can create it for you.

Our Specialities

  • Storyboards
  • Animatics
  • Comps
  • Conceptual Drawings
  • Finished Illustration

B&W Pencil

Artist: Carol Wanagat > Style: B&W Pencil > Category: People, Lifestyle, Diversity

B&W Tone

Artist: Carol Wanagat > Style: B&W Tone > Category: Women, Beauty, Hair

B&W Gray

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: B&W Gray> Category: People, Occupations

B&W Noir

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: B&W Noir > Category: People, 20s, Diversity

B&W Ink

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: B&W Ink > Category: Men, Lifestyle

Digital Color

Artists: Carol Wanagat, Lenin Delsol > Style: Digital Color > Category: People, Diversity

Hyper Color

Artist: Kari Wanagat > Style: Hyper Color > Category: Food


Artists: Lenin Delsol > Style: Watercolor > Category: Moms, Kids, Lifetstyle

Color Noir

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: Color Noir > Category: Concepts, Women

Traditional Color

Artist: Carol Wanagat > Style: Traditional Color > Category: Men, Occupations

Graphic Color

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: Graphic Color > Category: Men, Teens, Lifestyle

Delivering Our Best

Technology is constantly redefining how all of us work. Here at Envisionaire we offer multiple options to deliver your files to wherever you may be. Whether you’re at the office, working from home or on your way to a shoot in L.A. we can accommodate you to review your job electronically as it progresses down the production pipe. Please contact us to help determine what type of delivery best suits your needs.

Online Delivery

All phases of artwork can be e-mailed (depending on quantity and file size) or placed on our password protected FTP site. Once a job is awarded, we’ll provide login instructions along with a password to the art director for uploading, downloading and viewing artwork in progress via our secure ShareFile FTP.

Offline Delivery

Final artwork is burned to a disc or thumbdrive and delivered to the agency or editing house.

Artist: Lenin Delsol > Style: B&W Gray > Category: People, Business

Get to ‘finish’ faster with digital delivery

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