Who We Are

Meet the team!


Lenin Delsol

Chief Creative Officer & Storyboard Artist / Illustrator

Not only is Lenin Envisionaire’s founder and president, he’s an exceptional artist with the drawing chops to custom create what creatives want. Fast and reliable, Lenin strives to get it right the first time. Once you talk through a job, you can get back to whatever else you have on your plate. With almost 30 years of commercial art experience and a background as a comic book artist, Lenin pretty much thinks like a director giving his work cinematic appeal. Working mainly from scripts, he quickly sketches out shots frame-by-frame often drawing things straight out of his head. Lenin believes that Envisionaire has a stake in every job so he goes above and beyond to deliver what you want. When not cranking out his latest commercial illustration job, Lenin can be found honing his skills and creating fine art at the Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts in Chicago’s Gold Coast.


Peter Kuehnel


Peter of POWERANDLIGHT Reps has represented Envisionaire from the start. With a deep understanding of the ad business along with some incredible skills, Peter’s the guy that gets the ball rolling around here on any new project. With his sunny personality and excellent management skills, Peter ensures that projects are handled smoothly from start to finish. No drama or headaches. Multi-talented, Peter’s many specialties include: Listening, Learning, Identifying, Exploring, Communicating, Clarifying, Organizing, Sharing, Laughing, Negotiating, Motivating, Managing, Expediting, Delivering and Celebrating. With a skill set like that you can bet working with Peter is a whole lot of fun. Seriously, he’s an all around good guy to have on your side so don’t be shy, Peter’s waiting for your call.


Jerry Neumann

Storyboard Artist / Illustrator

If you’re looking for storyboards that stand out from the crowd, Jerry Neumann is your man. Chicago born and raised, Jerry is a graduate of the American Academy of Art. And since then, he’s been illustrating non-stop for the most acclaimed advertising agencies in the midwest. DDB, DraftFCB, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, J. Walter Thompson and others have utilized Jerry’s considerable talents to bring to life ideas for Bud and Bud Light, Coors Light, DiGiorno Pizza, State Farm and hundreds of other leading brands. Jerry’s inimitable style makes storyboards sing, and while his distinct flair leans towards comedy his talents are by no means limited to humor. The breadth and depth of his work ranges from illustrations for the Chicago Cubs charities to the Ronald McDonald House. When he’s not helping bring big ideas to life, Jerry can be found behind the wheel of his ’68 Camaro SS, top down, with his three boys along for the ride.


Carol Wanagat

Storyboard Artist / Illustrator & Sock Monkey Maker

As Envisionaire’s resident fashion diva, Carol is used to “making it work”. With a background in fashion design and fashion illustration, fashion is her passion. Carol keeps up with the latest styles to create storyboard characters that look their best—styled and dressed in clothing that supports the appropriate image for your spot. Her approach is contemporary and clean—keeping the looks consistent from frame to frame. Carol embraces multiculturalism and loves depicting people of all races and ages especially babies and kids. And yes, Carol’s kids always make the best-dressed list. In her spare time, Carol creates a line a couture sock monkeys, Cazzie’s Monkeys. We admit we are biased, but nobody makes sock monkeys as cute and stylish as Carol!


Kari Wanagat

Storyboard Artist & Photo Retoucher / Illustrator

Often what separates something good from something great is attention to detail. With a background in photography and graphic design, Kari is meticulous about attending to all the technical and aesthetic details in her commercial illustration work. It’s all about making things look real in an idealized way—so much so we’ve created another style category here at Envisionaire called Hyper Color. Whether she’s illustrating a clean, contemporary kitchen background or an old world cobblestone street scene, Kari creates digital environments with all the details to evoke the mood you need to sell the concept. A food-lover and excellent cook, Kari is a master chef when it comes to whipping up food storyboards and comps. With a knack for adding the right amount of digital sugar and spice, Kari creates a visual feast for the eyes leaving you craving more.

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